Cooperative Publishing – A Curated Experience

Publishing an audiobook is a wholly different experience than publishing traditionally in print or digitally as an eBook.

In most cases, an audiobook is the first time the creator of the story has teamed up with storytellers from a different medium to reach a wider audience. Allowing other creatives to be part of interpreting the story can be an intense experience — sometimes scary, sometimes invigorating — often both, at once.

Between the extremes of self-publishing and the traditional publishers, there is a third option.

linked-peopleCooperative Publishing enables the independent author to harness the expertise of established industry professionals at a fraction of the usual upfront costs. All projects are managed projects, fully curated by experienced project managers, who help you make informed decisions every step of the way. Our roster of vetted professionals include narrators, proofers, engineers, graphic artists, and social media strategists.

Through Cooperative Publishing, you retain more control than going the traditional route. You keep a higher percentage of the profits as well. You can read more about this in depth, on our Distribution Option page.

If you have considered self-publishing but feel overwhelmed trying to figure out everything from casting, to contracts, to fees, to production, to distribution, to promotion…

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